GT : generalisability studies
GT_E is a software that aims at facilitating generalisability studies. It derives from ETUDGEN, a preceding version developed by François Duquesne at the University of Mons, in Belgium.

This software for generalisability studies can run on a PC (or IBM-compatible) equipped with a 286, 386, 486 or Pentium processor and with 640 K of RAM, with at least 540 K of free memory after the installation of the operating system.

GT_E adapts itself automatically to the graphic card of your machine, provided that it is compatible with one of the following standards : EGA, VGA, SVGA or Hercules. A coprocessor is not required, but it will speed up calculations. A mouse is not compulsory either, but it facilitates the utilization of the software.

You need a minimum of 1 MB of free memory on the hard disk of your machine. The mouse driver must be installed before running GT_E.

GT is freely downloadable from an IRDP server in a french, english and german version..

Download  GT_E 2.0 English version (Guide included) compacted.

Download  Guide only (Word for Windows) compacted.