About this Site
Structure and Content
The standard entry point of this site is the index page, where a choice between three languages is offered : Each language choice leads to a menu composed of six main items :
Source Code
The 4.01 HTML code of these pages was hand-written and validated with :

W3C CSS validator  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 2.0) were also validated.

JavaScript (1.0) is used to generate some effects as rollover buttons and, of course, for the demonstrations. A small test on the entry page emits a warning when JavaScript is disabled, prompting the visitor to enable it.

As JavaScript does not keep values of variables when loading a new page, a session-only cookie is used to keep track of the visited pages in the menu.

Supported Screen Resolutions
The use of style sheets with a liquid design covers almost all screen resolutions that can actually be met.

Browser Compatibility

All fonctionnalities of these pages were tested and found to be fully compatible with at least three of the major browsers :

This site is only partially compatible with
Hosting and Referencing
In its actual form, this site consumes somw 20 MB (source code, style sheets, JavaScript, video, images and PDF-documents included).

Referencing of this site has been done through the free services of :

And, in order to make the web a safer place for children :